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Thursday, April 17, 2014 About OHRD

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Service Mission

The Office of Human Resource Development exists to support UW-Madison in its pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and service by providing learning events and services to meet individual, group, and organizational needs and to promote professional development efforts within the University.

Principles of Practice

The Office of Human Resource Development at UW-Madison strives to advance these principles in our daily interactions with others to develop trust and enhance relationship development.

Principle 1: Community through Respect & Civility
Promoting respect and the practice of civility in the workplace community is critical.

Principle 2: Excellence through Diversity
Diversity of gender, ethnicity, race, ability, religion, sexual orientation, age, culture, position, job function, and years of service are crucial components in the pursuit of excellence.

Principle 3: Success through Learning 
Continuous professional development is vital to individual and organizational success.


The Office of Human Resource Development 1) builds a professional development culture where ongoing learning for all staff and faculty is expected and supported and 2) increases the capacity for all faculty and staff to create workplace conditions that foster individual and organizational success. 

Priorities (Strategy)

  1. Deliver manager/supervisor development courses (open to managers & supervisors).
  2. Provide learning opportunities to frontline employees (primarily Classified and Academic Staff).
  3. Collaborate with UW-Madison departments and work units to market and coordinate logistics for learning events (open to UW-Madison departments and work units).
  4. Utilize technology to coordinate and deliver learning events (open to all faculty & staff).
  5. Improve workplace communication by providing a language and cultural bridge between employees who are English-language learners and English-only employees (all faculty & staff).


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Office of Human Resource Development

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