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Sunday, April 20, 2014 Fully Prepared to Lead

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“Leadership is mobilizing self and others toward a common goal for betterment of the organization”


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Overview of Competencies and Learning Modules (click here for a chart that lists the clusters and the competencies/learning modules within those clusters, the type of learning module, and the number of instructional hours designated for that module.)


Program Overview (click here for more information)

Fully Prepared to Lead is a comprehensive, competency-based development program designed to help individuals master the knowledge, skills, and tools for effective leadership.  Participation is open to everyone and is not limited to those in formal supervisory or management roles. 


Program Audience

Fully Prepared to Lead is designed for two distinct audiences: 

1)  Individuals interested in obtaining a general leadership development certificate.  These individuals will complete a specified number of modules, complete a major project, and attend a series of capstone sessions.  They will also demonstrate mastery of the competencies and objectives for each module completed. 


2)  Individuals interested in enhancing their leadership knowledge and experience.  These individuals will not need to demonstrate mastery of the competencies for those modules in which they enroll unless at some point in the future they want to transfer hours earned into the certificate program. 


General Leadership Certificate Program (click here for more information)

A general leadership certificate of completion is available to those who successfully complete and demonstrate mastery of designated foundation learning modules, related projects, and electives totaling at least 50 hours of instruction.


It will typically take six to nine months to complete the general leadership certificate.  Those participants who desire a more leisurely pace will have two years from the time of initial enrollment to complete the general leadership certificate.


Program Information

Contact Debbie Mahaffey, Training Officer, Office of Human Resource Development, for questions or information related to Fully Prepared to Lead.  Debbie's email is dmahaffey@ohr.wisc.edu.  To download a complete description of the Fully Prepared to Lead program, click here.









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